• liz clausen

pickyourseat 2018 wrap-up

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

It was another great year here, and I just wanted to take a second to thank a you all for making it possible.

pickyourseat continues to have the best clients around. We’ve had a lot of repeat clients this year, which is always such a compliment. Not only do you let us come rip your house and life up once, but then you invite us back to do it again. It’s amazing (and maybe a little mascistic..haha). It’s a true pleasure to spend so much time with such great people. And, it’s an honor that many of my clients have become dear friends.

While pickyourseat is still solely owned by me, I could never do it all on my own. Contractor and great friend Mitch Nilsen, of P&M Builders, works with me on nearly every project. He is skilled in so many aspects of construction, is the most even keeled person on the planet, and is an extremely talented craftsman. pickyourseat wouldn’t be anything without Mitch.

Kimberly Benedetti jumped back into the pickyourseat family in November. She has already reworked the websites (that she built in the first place), suggested this idea of starting a blog, and has me learning how to delegate, manage my time, and become a better business owner. She is a great addition, and 2019 is predicted to be a great year with her on board.

We have a great collection of sub-contractors and vendors whose constant hard work and professionalism make pickyourseat look good. RTR Electric, Miner Plumbing, Twenty-Five Company, Padilla Tile, Carlos’s Drywall, Jon Haller Painting, B&G Glass and our go-to guy Alejandro are just a few of the rock stars we rely on everyday.

A sub-contractor I’d like to highlight in 2018 is Robert Clausen (Cabinets-Marin), my dad and my custom-cabinet builder. He turned out some big projects this year (see pictures) and continues work his bootie off everyday. On top of the many cabinet projects this year, he also developed a new product for the pickyourseat product line. “Dad’s Bottle Opener” is designed and made solely by Robert, and we love it!

Here are a few Design-Build highlights of 2018:

Outdoor Patio/Kitchen

Description: Designed and Built 15’ x 45’ deck with outdoor kitchen and trellis. Remodeled pool house and pool house patio.

Finnegan’s Marin

Designed/Built/Furnished Novato’s first ever “Parklet”. It raised quite a ruckus and caused the small town government to come unglued. But for 8 months people were able to enjoy 45’ feet of dining al fresco. We built the trex deck, the cedar wall surrounds, all the benches, and made all the custom signage.

Turquoise Kitchen

Such a fun update. We didn’t change the footprint at all, but what a change we made anyway. All new floors, cabinets, counters, appliances a viola transformation.

Stay tuned from some amazing projects already underway in 2019!

Also make sure you’re following us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Zillow, and Houzz. Look for some new platforms coming in 2019. We are trying to engage more and more and always love your feedback. Also check out our new product blog for the latest updates, sales, and events,

This is the first of new monthly BLOG. So make sure you stay tuned for some good tips, some How-to’s and some behind the scenes drama (hah...there’s never any drama ;) ).

Happy New Year!

And Best Wishes from me (and Leo) to you.

Liz Clausen